“I call my brother Sun, because he shines like One” – Method Man

A familiar sign seen throughout old New York (pre -1980’s) “Esposito And Sons”, “Lombardi And Sons”, “Underberger And Sons”, on grocery stores, Locksmiths, and any small business that was family owned. When you saw the “… And Sons” sign, you knew that the business spanned generations and was a family affair. When conceptualizing the name for their new brand the Creators of And Suns chose this symbol of legacy to define their brand. Even though they had been there at the beginning of the movement, they wanted their brand to carry forth the new generations vision of their world. But something in the term “Sons” was diminutive, like a lesser version of the Father, so the term Suns was used in it’s place, referring to the eternal power of our star, and the eternal power of the youth.

The concept behind the brand itself was simple. “Brooklyn meets Tokyo” – The founders of And Suns, One Puerto Rican, One Japanese, and One Jew decided that the most important expression is personal, so they pulled all of their references from their own lives and experiences. With one original base in Brooklyn, NY, and another in Tokyo, Japan the brand set about defining their respective worlds. They came at it as a ‘Mash Up’ of all that they saw. The end product does not quite belong anywhere. It is different. It is not predictable. It is not trend based. It is creatively free. Because the founders are all artists in their own way the visual language became a very important tool to shape their story. And Suns approach to graphics is the same as a DJ who digs for beats in obscure recordings. And Suns artists pull from books, magazines, films, take-out menu’s, and any and all historical references to tell their tale. The Russian Mafia, Conflict in the Middle East, Abstract art, Political uprisings, Graffiti Art, Nu-Yorican Music, Youth rebellion, Food Recipes, The Ku-Klux Klan, The Black Panthers, U.S. Marine Survival tools, Taxi cab service cards, Brooklyn Icons, Santeria, Erotica, Esoteric Symbols, Kaballah, Nature Studies, Political Posters, The Bible, The Quran, Drug paraphenalia, Weapons, Napkins from Strip Clubs, Targets from firing ranges, and thousands of hand made illustrations and typefaces, have all a been used to build the And Suns Lexicon. In the end, And Suns uses it’s visual language as